After Your Appointment

To keep your lashes in good condition it is important to schedule a fill every 2-4 weeks and follow aftercare instructions.

Within the first 24 hours following the procedure it is important to avoid the following:
·       Applying creams, lotions or makeup around your eyes
·       Applying mascara
·       Tanning
·       Entering a sauna or steam room
·       Sleeping on your lashes
·       Rubbing your eyes
·       Playing with or touching your lashes

After the first 48 hours it is important that you avoid the following:
·       Rubbing your eyes excessively
·       Playing with, picking at, or touching your lashes
·       Sleeping on your lashes
·       Applying waterproof mascara
·       Using oil-based cleansers or makeup
·       Frequent visits to saunas or steam rooms, or otherwise
       expose lashes too frequently to heat or steam
·       Never let the shower spray directly on your lashes!
       Use your hands to splash water onto your face.