We're your brows' BFF.

Brow Lamination
45min | 85.

Have you heard of brow lamination?
It's one of the most popular beauty trends right now!

Brow Lamination lifts your eyebrow hairs into a uniform, brushed up position for up to 12 weeks!

We apply 2 cream lotions; one to lift the hairs into their new shape and one to set them.  The service is completed with a nourishing brow serum, which should be left on for approximately 12 hours.

For the first 24 hours keep your brows away heat, sweat and steam.  Feel free to use gentle skincare and makeup products in that area after 12 hours!
*Please avoid using Rentinol/AHA's/Glycolic Acid/Vitamin A and any invasive skin treatments 2 weeks before and after your treatment.

Brow Shaping
30min | 30.
After a thorough consultation we use a combination of sugaring and tweezing to shape your brows.  Brow trim included.

Brow Maintenance
15min | 20.
We use a combination of sugaring and tweezing to clean up the middle and underside of the brows.  Brow trim included.

Brow Tint
20min | 25.
After a thorough consultation we use a long lasting brow product to tint the brow hairs, and if desired, the skin underneath.  Results will vary from client to client depending on skin type and lifestyle.

Brow Lightening

20min | 30.
Bleach for your brows! 
This service can be paired with a brow tint to add a cool tone to the hair.