Come to Inspirit Beauty Lounge to understand why brow lamination is all the rage. Whether you have sparse or full brows, this process can help you achieve the look of "fluffy brows”.


Brow Lamination

45min | 85.

Brow lamination lifts your eyebrow hairs into a uniform, brushed up position for up to 12 weeks!
We apply 2 cream lotions, one to perm your brows and one to set them into their new shape.  The service is completed with a nourishing brow serum.
For the first 24 hours keep your brows away from water, heat, sweat and steam.  Feel free to use skincare and makeup products in that area after 24 hours.

Brow Lamination
1hr | 85.

Brow Shaping
30min | 30.

Brow Maintenance
15min | 20.

Brow Tint
20min | 25.